Avenues Of Darkness

Here is a collection of short stories. Each has it’s own character, but all will leave you wondering a little more about what may be lurking in any Avenues Of Darkness…

The Bridge – A witness to a disappearance heads into a spiral of darkness
TV Police – Punished for watching television? Come on!
The Key – A key must have a lock
By The Light Of The Laptop – The laptop screen can lead to anywhere
The Adventure – This board game is a world changer
In The Ashes – Psychic phenomenon can be as real as anything
Black Hours – Security work has dangers
Just Typical – Pessimism can be a problem

Step into the Darkness with me. It is safe here, I promise. Well, I think it is. Just be careful……

**** Amazon Review – Twisty Short Stories – Avenues Of Darkness is a short story collection with eight tales by Stuart Byng. There is an unpredictable twist at the end of each story. An interesting read.  Ron K

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