Dark Minds

A local Doctor seems perfect but he hides a secret. With the help of another powerful force, can James defeat this evil in Redwell?

After moving into their seemingly perfect new home in the idyllic English village of Redwell, the Parish family discover that there is a dark underbelly to this place.

As James settles into his new school, he gets caught up in the dark work of the local Doctor. He gets on the wrong side of Jeremiah. He must now try to make sense of the grave situation he finds himself in.

With the help of Kaleb, James manages to put together a plan of action. Will the confrontation of two powerful forces end in the triumph of Good or Evil?

Patti Richards’s 5 star review on Goodreads: “What a great book!!! I would recommend this book. This book will draw you in, could not put it down. If you want something that is out there then this is your book.”


***** Good book. At first I thought this was about making coffee as they seemed to be drinking a lot of it. As the story unfolded the thought of this book being about coffee when’t out of the window. I could not put the book down. Well done Stuart Byng. Look out for more of your stories. tick59

***** As a fan of horror books, in particular stephen king, this book is highly recommended by me. An interesting story from start to finish, I could hardly put this down! Its full of twists and turns throughout, drawing the reader into the story. I will definitely be looking out for more books by this author in the future. Mrs J L Gadd

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