As Night Falls on target!

My new short story collection “As Night Falls” is going well, and is on target for the release in March 2021. I don’t have a specific date just yet, but I will post a definite date on here once I know!

I do enjoy writing short stories. They are a totally different proposition compared to writing a novel. The novel requires far more depth into the lives of the characters, and how they all interact throughout the story. There is a certain freedom with the short story, where the details are all there but much simplified. The story needs to be told and completed with no space for meandering through the detail.

There are a variety of stories in the collection, some are easier to write than others. I just let the story lead me to where it wants to go. I will not shy away from a shocking ending if that is what seems necessary. I hope you will enjoy them when they are released.

Thanks for reading,


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