A review of Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King

This 1992 novel by Stephen King is overall very underrated. I read it again recently so decided to post a short review.

It is written in an unusual style for Stephen King, with no chapters, just a continuous monologue by the central character. Despite this change of style it is an excellent novel that I would highly recommend.

The story is basically the police interview transcript with Dolores Claiborne explaining her life from when she first met her husband to be, up to the death of her employer many years later. It is full of amazing wording and descriptions, which is generally typical of King.

I found the story to be interesting from start to finish. The film adaptation of 1995 is also excellent. Although it is difficult not to read in the voice of the excellent actress Kathy Bates if you have watched the film! She does a brilliant job in the film, which I would also recommend highly.

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